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If you want to learn piano by yourself, then you can also choose the option of online piano lessons. Our website provides free online piano lessons about how to play various popular songs on the piano. Piano Lesson videos provided by this website will certainly make your piano learning an easier process. However, when you take your own lessons, you will have to focus on how to read piano music. You can learn online how to play piano songs as well as how to play keyboard. The only thing is that you will have to practice with great dedication. While practicing your piano lessons, you have to take necessary precautions. Your sitting position should be correct. Body and hand posture play an important role in piano lessons. Your wrists must be loose and hands should be flexible. When you want to move your hand, you should move your wrist rather than moving your elbows. I am just so enthusiastic right now that I have been practicing like twice a day since like 10 days.

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To play this improvisation is quite easy.


Thing is, I in a way “gave lessons” to my violinist friend everyday after school freshman year and realized I really enjoyed teaching music.


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