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We suggest you look at the websites of a number of schools to learn more -- you can start with the participating schools on MajoringInMusic. com. Have you also explored other ways to learn what it is you need to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and proficiency for what you want to do?Individual classes, summer programs, studying with a composer may all be worth considering before trying to dive into a master's degree, in view of your prior training and number of years away from school. You're smart to be asking these questions now while there's still time to prepare for the applications and auditions that lie ahead. Yes you should know how to read music if you want to go to music school. Take a look at our article on sight reading to get an idea of what you need to do. You will also need to start getting a foundation in music theory so it's not like learning a brand new language once you get to music school. We highly recommend spending time in the summer to focus on these, when you're not strapped for time by everything else you have you do during the school year. Take a look at our Summer Music Camps and Programs page for ideas. Also, find a teacher during the school year who will help take you farther in starting to prepare to succeed in your music school auditions. I am a sophomore, I have been playing the piano for about ten years, since I was 6. This is the natural minor scale.

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One of the best programs online is located there and also at this site you will also get a free video lesson and chord chart sent to you.


But don't panic, there are many cheaper options out there also.


technique how to play 32nd notes on piano